In Sofia Klub Zwei showed the video »Black and White« and the poster series »Work on/in Public« (in cooperation with MAIZ). 

Since 1992 Klub Zwei, Simone Bader and Jo Schmeiser, have been working at the intersection of art, film and new media. Central to our work are current sociopolitical topics and an analysis of the ways in which they are represented in the media and in public. On the one hand we want to achieve critical reflection of representation and public intervention. The option for a change of society depends on the politics of representation accompanying it. On the other hand our goal is to develop an exchange between different cultural contexts and forms of egalitarian cooperation.

Klub Zwei presents
»Black and White – The Back of the Images«, video , b&w, 5’, Polish, French, Bulgarian, English and German, A and GB 2002 

»Black and White« deals with the meaning of historical photographs in the present. How were photo documents of the Holocaust shown in 1945? In which contexts are they placed today? Rosemarie Nief, the librarian and head of the photo archive at the Institute of Contemporary History and Wiener Library in London analyses the ways in which the media represent photo documents of the Holocaust. Her statements are juxtaposed with passages from a text by Clément Chéroux published in “Mémoire des Camps” in Paris.